Expert with ICT?????


Before beginning my Graduate Diploma, I thought I was quite computer literate. I can use Microsoft programs and all the features with confidence, trouble shoot basic technical issues and one of my greatest achievements, produce a good-looking power point presentation. I thought: “surely having these skills will allow me to use ICT effectively in the classroom…” How wrong I was! My ICT ‘world’ went quickly from Word, Excel and Power Point to programs such as Wordle, Prezi and virtual classrooms. Now it is being blown apart further with the uploading of my own YouTube videos AND the publishing of my own blog!!!! Knowing now the endless supply of interactive tools that are available to us as teachers, truly is mind-blowing! I went to school when it was still cool to have the latest gadget pens or the exercise books with the trendiest band or actor on the front of them. These days as a teacher, you’d be lucky if one student in your class even had a pen, let alone the ‘tired’ old piece of paper! As teachers of today’s students, we need to embrace this change and make a committment to jump on board the technology train alongside the kids. A quote from one of my readings resonates loudly: “A society which is mobile, which is full of channels for the distribution of a change occurring anywhere, must see to it that its members are educated to personal initiative and adaptability. Otherwise, they will be overwhelmed by the changes in which they are caught and whose significance or connections they do not perceive.” (Dewey, 1916, p68). Our ongoing ICT development is vital so we can provide challenging and engaging lessons that most importantly utilise the tools that have become so embedded in the everyday lives of our student.


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