21st Century Learning Environments


The video “Learning spaces living places” embedded in our topic 1 study notes, gives us an insight into how students envisage the physical space they learn in. The whole idea of changing the physical way a school operates, not having the normal classroom environments with grey desks, grey walls and the standard whiteboard, is something I believe needs to be looked into . The students in the video had the chance to design their ideal learning environment, one that has an “identity that reflects all people and cultures”. I love the idea of making classrooms feel more like home, with colour, music, cushions, posters and that each student has the opportunity to put their fingerprint on the place where they spend so much of their time. This is more difficult in secondary school, not having set classrooms, but small things could be done like coloured desks and chairs in the classrooms, posters on the walls and the use of music playing in the background whilst students are engaged in group work. One of the schools I went to for Prac even had a collaborative room that teachers could book their class into. There were coloured couches and bean bags, funky paintings on the walls and altogether the feel of the room was relaxed, just like a living room. The kids loved doing activities in the collaborative room, as it felt as if they weren’t confined to their desks. In the world today, where students need so much more offered to them in order to keep them engaged and interested (ICT’s and other advanced interactive programs) why shouldn’t the learning environments we provide for them be engaging and inviting also?



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