New Media and ICT’s


One thing I would like to see in the 21st century classroom is the increased use of interactive whiteboards and the smart board program. The ‘Connected Classroom Program in Action’ document included in our week 2 study guide clearly outlines the benefits of this type of technology: “Teachers are able to increase the pace of their lessons and offer students more chances for active participation.” My pedagogy already is strongly based on the belief that the relationship between myself and my students is a partnership; that we are on this learning journey together. This is a value that I try to bring into my classroom environments and I’m certain that the IWB is an ICT that will only serve to enhance this. Too many schools have the odd IWB installed, however when it comes to teachers actually using them that is another story. The training needs to be provided to us as educators so we can have a ‘connected’ classroom with the use of this particular ICT.

Using ICT in the classroom allows students to connect, communicate and create together. After watching the ‘connected classroom program’ video my mind is open to just how many great ICT’s are out there to incorporate into the classroom. I love the idea of using video conferencing! In an English class for example, you could organise for authors or poets to video conference in and talk to the kids about one of the texts set for study. I also like the BlogEd tool for students to share and reflect on their learning. The Prezi of Bloom’s digital taxonomy and Web 2.0 tools is a really great resource to guide me in using different ICT’s through the 6 different stages of thinking (lower-order to higher-order)that occurs. The link for this is below:

 iPads in the classroom are taking off, with many schools in Victoria  successfully using them to extend the level of motivation and engagement of the kids in the classroom. In the video link shown in lecture 2 of module 3, the principals reported that even their attendance records of classes that have integrated iPads into their learning has increased considerably. I look forward to researching more about the use of iPads in the classrooms as I’m only just beginning to scratch the surface! The idea of learning without feeling like your learning is a key concept that teachers need to incorporate into their teaching practices and lesson implementation.

I’m all about collaborative learning, so I know I just have to get out there and learn about all these new media and ICT opportunities that will enable me to create my own ‘connected classroom’.


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